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R.E.D. 10 år og R.E.D. International Film Festival

I 2023 feirer vi 10-årsjubileum, og i den anledning markeres dette i forbindelse med årets juleshow* 23 nov-2 des.

 R.E.D. International festival was born in July 2015. It is settled on a farm over looking Eina Lake, just outside Oslo. Surrounded by breathtaking Norwegian countryside.


Its mission is to build a bridge between the different fields of performing- and visual art, and the film industry; hence the subtitle: dance- art- cinema.

The festival aims to show films that have a strong element of movement and dance including interdisciplinary expressions such as screendance, art films, to the more traditional and conventional short films and full feature films.

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RIFF SIXTH EDITION has been celebrated in the middle of a post COVID situation, when creators, as most people in the world, have been in constant alert and reflecting on art, humanity, equality, urban madness, age, feminine perspectives and all sort of transcendental ideas in the environment of a health and social crises. The festival received very interesting films. Hence the films that the jury chose to be part of the award have not only intensity in their metaphors and narratives, but also have a high level in terms of art completion and in composition as films that have certain relation with dance and art. Also some chosen films are more traditional feature or short films.
The official selection is a collection of films from all over the world, including four films from Norway, and consists of dance film, screendance, art film, short film, feature film and documentaries. 
The jury has selected 4 short films and 2 long films to be awarded and 2 other films to receive an Honorary Mention. All awarded films are so different between them, then, RIFF AWARD 2021 is a good example of the diversity that RIFF has been including in the festival. We are so proud to announce this award, which contains 2 films make by Norwegian creators.
The jury was formed by Caroline Kløvrud (No), Cecilie Lindeman Steen (No), Ella Fiskum (No) and Yolanda M. Guadarrama (Mx).
And we also have a winner chosen by the audience. 

Short Films: art-dance-cinema
“The End of Originality”, by Laura Zayan. Norway.
“Contemplation of Catastrophe”, by Nayeli Benhumea. Mexico.
“Swans in stone”, by Solveig Leinan-Hermo. Norway.
“Dante Sonata”, by Margaret Williams. United Kingdom.

Long films:
Feature film: “AVIVA”, by Boaz Yakin. United States.
Documentary: “Butterfly Dresses”, by Camille Auburtin. France.

Short films: art-dance-cinema:
“Shivering wall”, by Tseng Yu Chin. Taiwan.

“TRIXIE”, by Bastien Genoux. Switzerland.


RIFF celebrates dance- art and cinema- (hence the subtitle of the festival), so diversity is one of the most important principles for us.


In this fifth edition there are powerful, visual, poetic, and provocative films, as well as realistic short films, humanist, humoristic, ecological, dance-theater films, documentaries about dance and art, animations, and local culture.


The jury decided to keep several films as equal winners, because they represent the variety of the festival. The link between these films is that they are related to dance and movement, even though some are more experimental and others conceptual.

-Short films (under 20 min,):

-Feature-length/documentaries (over 20 min):
-Short films (under 20 min): CLÉMENTINE, COSMIC FLING.
-Feature-length/documentaries (over 20 min): BORN JUST NOW.



General poster riff_2020_MAGAZINE_ENGLISH_REPLAY-OK.jpg
General poster riff_2020_MAGAZINE_ENGLISH_golden.jpg


This year, the complete selection of films at RIFF was done by looking for a variety of origins, conceptions of camera-body-movement, and different aesthetic and ideological choices that could reflect the present diversity of points of view characteristic in short narrative films related to movement, dance film, art film and screendance.


In consequence to this criterion, the selection of the awarded films is oriented to mark: the achievements reached by the reflection on the limits of the language of the selected films; and the intensity of feelings provoked to the viewer that each film is able cause, according with its own thematic, ideological direction and effective audiovisual tools used to tell what is meant to state.



Jury Awards

ARE YOU VOLLEYBALL? By Mohammad Bakhshi
BÓRIA by Iwona Pasińska
THIS DANCE HAS NO END by Fenia Kotsopoulou
THE BIG RACE by John Williams
KAORI ITO, A BODY OF LIFE by Tatjana Jankovic
Jury: Ella Fiskum, RIFF director (NO); Susana Temperley, specialist in Art Critic and Divulgation (AR); Yolanda M. Guadarrama, RIFF Curator (MX).
Audience Awards

ARE YOU VOLLEYBALL? By Mohammad Bakhshi
VARIATION OF SUSPENSION | DROP. By David Alræk, Katrine Patry & Lisa Collete Bysheim


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