R.E.D. offers a 3 days a week internship, where the intern can use the remaining time for their own creations.

In 2017, R.E.D. hosted two internships. The first intern was Madeline Wood from Lille, France, who stayed with us for 4 months. The internship was funded by Erasmus + program and ADICE. Madeline got experience and in various fields, such as being a curator assistant to the RIFF film festival, set designer for the in-house production of SACRE, marketing associate and designer for the R.E.D. and RIFF, and more. Madeline was also showing her film "Collapsus" during RIFF 2017, and created the EINAWOOD sigh in collaboration with Fiskum. We are happy to announce that Madeline is coming back as a graphic designer in 2018 to work with RIFF.

Pictures:  Above left: Yolanda M. Guadarrama. Above right: Ella Fiskum © R.E.D

In the fall we hosted Hege Eriksdatter Østefjells from Lillesand, Norway, who stayed with us for 4 weeks. Hege is an international circus artist with a speciality in tissu and rope, and she used her time to help advance the overall structure of the organisation. The internship was initiated by Hege herself in collaboration with Stockholm University of the Arts (Stockholms Konstnärliga Högskola) to gain experience in funding and organising a residency venue. In addition she was an instructor for a tissu/rope workshop that is part of our outreach program. Hege is coming back as an artist in November 2018 to work with the new in house production "Toten Cabaret & Mat" (working title).

Pictures: Middle left: Antoinette Chaudron.

Middle right: Ella Fiskum. Below left: Bertil Nilsson. Below right: Sara Stilo.